S --Services ., Speedy Responses and Specialties.
Fasteners , Non Fasteners , Assembly Parts , etc.
for Industries and Automotive.
One Shop Supplies for our long term customers.
The most wide range Licensee Products Supply by successfully combining all the licensee producers in Taiwan..
P --Product Expert.
Our Sales Persons are all long term experienced and well trained to comprehend all the specifications shown in prints and aware of manufacturing ways to avoid potential misunderstanding & quality problem.
E --Expertise of Fasteners.
Besides the seriousness of business , friendship is also very important for human being. Our Vision is TO KEEP LONG TERM COMMITMENT & RELATIONSHIP WITH EMPLOYEES , SUPPLIERS AND CUSTOMERS.
C --Customer Relationship.
Spec Products Corp., as one of the affiliated companies of the biggest fastener group in Taiwan, was established to serve customers with our Expertise on Fasteners of General Industrial / Automotive. All the sales persons have been well trained and all have had good command of reading prints , specifications and somewhat manufacturing tech. Besides our parent factory , we outsource a lot to meet customers' wide range of requirements by keeping very long term and high volume of business rank with our major sub-contracted factories. To support quality assurance , Spec Lab is going to be certified by A2LA end 2007, yet we also continue the long term cooperation with Q-Lab Inc., the biggest and leading lab of fasteners in Taiwan to satisfy the increasing & more Sophisticated quality inspection capability required.
PPAP , IMDS, MSDS , 0-150 PPM have been our routine management to meet different requirement from different customers.
Specialties per Prints, Customers' Specifications and even New Designed product are our major business including cold forged, stamping, machined, casting and even plastic or peek mode ejection products to reach one stop shop strategy.
Several Profit Centered Operations with flexibilities, quick response, responsibilities, long year experience & expertise and lower overhead are the way we have assisted our long term customers to meet quality & delivery requirements yet still remain Global Competition and Cost Saving.